Elemental Design: Parisian Parlor through Balance, Repitition & Symmetry

This post is all about a project I just completed for a class.  I was charged to turn my classmates study into a parlor where she could have private conversations with friends, read and write letters.  With only one teen at home and the other two away at college she can finally have the space to do something for herself.  I created a Parisian Parlor with a little Moroccan flair.

Here’s what her place looks like.


Here’s what I did.

trading spaces 1

Perfect reading nook.

trading spaces 2

trading spaces 3

trading spaces 10

Here’s some fabrics I used too.  The wood would be used for the insert into the tray ceiling.  I don’t want to use recessed lights but rather have a glowing ceiling.  The ceiling really helps to balance out the built-ins and flooring.

trading spaces 9

The far green micro suede is for the chaise, the next two are for the chairs, cushions and pillows and the striped linen is for drapes.  I want drapes over the paned doors, as well for extra privacy.  The wall you see as you come into the space will be a gallery wall with black, gold and wood frames to repeat the patterns created by the windows and doors. This was our inspiration for the room by Charlotte Moss.

charlotte moss

So glad that’s over but loads of fun!


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