Elemental Design: Hotel Inspiration

In an attempt to draw some inspiration for my own bedroom, again, I looked back on a hotel that I loved.  It was one of those hotels that when you walk in your jaw just drops and it continues to stay that way until you leave a couple of days later.  My husband booked a room at Hotel Palomar in Philadelphia a few years ago and I still think about the room we stayed in there.

Here’s why I loved it so!

hotel palomar blog

I can’t wait to talk a little more about this room this weekend and how I drew inspiration for my own bedroom.  You can also see more of this beautiful hotel HERE.


Elemental Design: Dinnerware 101

I’ve been struggling with my everyday dishes.  This is a trivial trial in my life at the present but I thought I would let you in on what I’ve learned about dinnerware so to make the  decision of “what dishes to buy” a bit easier for you.

dinnerware graph

I have had the first three and they are presented in order from least durable to most durable.  After having a mix of plates for years and constantly throwing out heavily chipped and cracked dinnerware, I opted for the porcelain set from Pottery Barn.  My family is extremely rough on dishes but we’re still in the clear with these.  However, I do miss the earthiness of the stoneware and ironstone.  My mother-in-law gave me some pieces of her china that sit in a glass cabinet and have yet to be used.  Maybe this year will be the year.

Earthenware / Stoneware / Ironstone / Porcelain / Bone China

Elemental Design: Parisian Parlor through Balance, Repitition & Symmetry

This post is all about a project I just completed for a class.  I was charged to turn my classmates study into a parlor where she could have private conversations with friends, read and write letters.  With only one teen at home and the other two away at college she can finally have the space to do something for herself.  I created a Parisian Parlor with a little Moroccan flair.

Here’s what her place looks like.


Here’s what I did.

trading spaces 1

Perfect reading nook.

trading spaces 2

trading spaces 3

trading spaces 10

Here’s some fabrics I used too.  The wood would be used for the insert into the tray ceiling.  I don’t want to use recessed lights but rather have a glowing ceiling.  The ceiling really helps to balance out the built-ins and flooring.

trading spaces 9

The far green micro suede is for the chaise, the next two are for the chairs, cushions and pillows and the striped linen is for drapes.  I want drapes over the paned doors, as well for extra privacy.  The wall you see as you come into the space will be a gallery wall with black, gold and wood frames to repeat the patterns created by the windows and doors. This was our inspiration for the room by Charlotte Moss.

charlotte moss

So glad that’s over but loads of fun!

Elemental Design: Combining Wood Tones and Chair Styles

All week I’ve been trying to figure out what chairs to buy for my dining room table that I’m refinishing.  I wanted to update the table by adding those great Bentwood chairs with a combination of another style of chair.  There are so many options out there it can be overwhelming.

Here’s a few ideas I came up with to help guide me in the right direction.

wood tone1

wood tone2

wood tone 3

As long as the wood tones are in the same shade of color you can combine anything.  Although these examples seem like a perfect match they are all different woods with many textures that add to the hue of the wood.

Elemental Design: Styling with Balance and Symmetry

I’ve seen a lot of posts on how to style your mantel for the fall.  Well, I’m one of those unfortunate few that doesn’t have a mantel to style.  I styled a few other pieces of furniture that everyone has in their home using balance and symmetry, as well as, fall pieces that I featured in my post yesterday.

Here’s a few ideas how to use these elements in your own home.




Bowl / Copper Vase / Pink vase / Media Console /

Entertainment Center / Baskets / Pumpkin

Everyday Buys: Wood Plank Walls

The wood plank walls in the bedroom I created for yesterday’s post was a wallpaper.  I can’t believe how realistic it looks.  This is a very, hot, Fall trend that has been moving up the popularity charts over the past few years.  There are many ways to recreate this look in your home.

Here are a few I found while browsing the net.

wood plank blog

There are a lot of ways to create wood plank walls in your own space.  Of course, you can always go to your local salvage yard and find reclaimed wood.  Stik Wood is my favorite.  It’s a peel-and-stick wood veneer that can be removed fairly easily when you’re ready for a change.  I want to use this product in my split-foyer area.  Have you used a wood plank product that you love?

Wallpaper / Porcelain tile /  Vinyl / Wall Decal / Laminate / Stik Wood

Elemental Design: Merriweather Farms Decorator Show House

A couple of friends and I visited the Decorator Show House at Merriweather Farms in Maryland this past week.  We had a great time!  I’m always inspired by the homes I walk through, even if I don’t always like the style of a home or room.  There is always something to learn.  There were a couple of rooms that really worked in this home.

Here’s a simple explanation as to why they worked  so well.Merriweather Farm blog

Sherwin Williams hosted their Color Mix 2015 at the Decorator’s Show House which was sponsored by Historic Ellicott City, Inc. I can’t wait to share some inspiration from their presentation.

Here is quick article and more pictures of the home.

This home is also on the market.  Here’s the listing!

Elemental Design: My Master Bedroom

Ever since I saw this bedroom on my dear friend’s blog, by Furbish Studio, I’ve tried to replicate it in my own space.  I have bought two different rugs, one I just couldn’t pass up for $10 at a yard sale. I’ve also acquired a nice white duvet set from West Elm.  Thanks Mom!  It’s a king size but nothing I can’t fix.  I’m actually thinking of pin tucking it.  I’m on my way!  Here’s how to replicate a room without buying everything new and using patterns and textures to get the feel.

Here’s a breakdown of what I love and have.

MBR blog

There’s just no way around it!  I have to install the bamboo floors that are in my main living spaces into my room.  That way any pastel color will look amazing. I can layer rugs with wood flooring.  The runner can go in front of my bed and a cute shag bedside by bed.  I just can’t break down and purchase an 8×10 Turkish rug for this room.  Way too much money!

I don’t have enough room for the seating area but I can recover my little bench with a large geometric pattern, kind of like that pillow on the love seat.  Using the burlap curtains as a texture, like the love seat, instead of buying a new bench and curtains cuts down on the overall price tag for this room. Switching out the colors of the bedding and furniture is a good idea too.  I really don’t want to repaint my furniture and I like it black and distressed.  I have white bedding too.  Why change it?  The feel of the room will still be the same.

Okay, now I’m getting excited!  Thoughts in line and plan on paper.  Watch out honey!  We might be sleeping in the living room for awhile.

Everyday Buys: Jute Tassel Trim

I know it’s been awhile but here I am.  After an overwhelming year of life I’ve changed my look and content of my blog.  I want to try this from a fresh start again- simple and easy.  I’ve decided to use the many thoughts I have on design during the week.  It’s normally more than three but I’m a weekend blogger now so that’s the limit.  Hopefully this will help me to streamline my thoughts and focus on what’s at hand in my life,design wise and help you be inspired for your own home.

My teenage daughter is getting a bedroom makeover, again.  I should’ve listened to her the first time, but that’s a whole other post.  I’m making her curtains.  Well, kind of adding on the an IKEA pair.  I wanted to put some sort of tassel trim on them.  I found Serena and Lily tassel curtains in Marshall’s clearanced section that I used in my other daughter’s room.  I decided on jute tassel to help the beachy look along.  Here are a few that I found.

jute tassel trim blog2

 /  2  / 3 / 4 / 5

Not all of these trims are meant for drapes.  Can you guess which ones?  You got it, #4 and possibly #3.  Here are a few tips of what to look for when purchasing jute trim to add to your drapes.

jute tassel trim blog3

1 / 2 / 3

Can’t wait to share the trim in my girls’ rooms.  Do you like trim on your curtains?