The Holidays: Making it Special

My little family and I have chosen to run away to the mountains of West Virginia for Thanksgiving.  No other family, tiny cabin on 7 acres, no electronics, just us and the kids.  It’s my husband’s 40th birthday and after the stressful month we’ve had this idea has become more and more perfect.  I wanted to do everything I could to make this holiday soooo special since we will be without extended family.

I picked up the November Issue of Better Homes and Gardens to check out a home designed by Lauren Liess, a designer and blog I follow and love.  The home was amazing but so was the rest of the issue.  I found a wealth of inspiration.

There was a section all about making guests comfortable in your home.  I took these ideas to use in a cute rental for my own family to help make our holiday that more special.

Here’s what I plan to bring.


I’m hoping that by bringing some of home and a few fun activities with us that this holiday will feel relaxing and very special.  How do you make your holidays special?