Elemental Design: Styling with Balance and Symmetry

I’ve seen a lot of posts on how to style your mantel for the fall.  Well, I’m one of those unfortunate few that doesn’t have a mantel to style.  I styled a few other pieces of furniture that everyone has in their home using balance and symmetry, as well as, fall pieces that I featured in my post yesterday.

Here’s a few ideas how to use these elements in your own home.




Bowl / Copper Vase / Pink vase / Media Console /

Entertainment Center / Baskets / Pumpkin


How to: Bring Fall into a Summer Palette

The summer color palette that I featured yesterday is fun, sweet and modern but how do you make your home feel like fall with such a cool palette.  I would say textures and pattern.  Bringing in neutral textures that remind you of fall and simple, classic patterns.

Here are a few ideas of how to add fall to your summer home.

summerhaves fall add ins blog

I love bringing in natural elements from the outside.  It’s free and brings texture into the home for the season.  How do you bring fall time in?

Colors of Nature: Natural Inspiration

Nature often inspires the color scheme in a room.  My family just went to the beach for Spring Break and enjoyed the scenery and with summer just around the corner we’re hoping to see more of it.  I often take pictures of interesting color combinations that I see in nature which helps inspire me and my color choices in my home.  I imagine seeing this scene and being inspired to create the Choice Rooms.  The  sand dunes resemble the color of the floor and walls.  The deep gray in the background is used in the couch while the orange, yellow and blue of the sky are the accent colors.  The colors in the room correspond directly to the color palette in this beautiful beach scene.  The cool tones in the photo resembles Spring to me.

I also enjoy the mountains and receive most of my inspiration while hiking with my husband and kids in the Fall months.  I love the mountains any time of the year but this photo of the snow covered ground and deep orange sunset has amazing colors.  The more vibrant tones seem to resemble the deep orange used in the Choice Rooms.  The faint white of the snow reminds me of the walls and the sky has the perfect balance of blue and yellow accent colors to play off of the orange.


I love fall colors and tend to be attracted to these warmer tones.  I have been trying to expand my horizon, no pun intended, and play with cooler colors against the warm to add interest in my rooms.  Inspiration for the colors you use in your home could be closer than you think.  Take a look outside to day and see if there is something you can change on the inside.

What season inspires your color scheme in your home?  What visions of nature do you see when you look at this family room?