Elemental Design: Hotel Inspiration

In an attempt to draw some inspiration for my own bedroom, again, I looked back on a hotel that I loved.  It was one of those hotels that when you walk in your jaw just drops and it continues to stay that way until you leave a couple of days later.  My husband booked a room at Hotel Palomar in Philadelphia a few years ago and I still think about the room we stayed in there.

Here’s why I loved it so!

hotel palomar blog

I can’t wait to talk a little more about this room this weekend and how I drew inspiration for my own bedroom.  You can also see more of this beautiful hotel HERE.


Elemental Design: Patterns

The Choice Room this week uses a lot of neutrals and solids to create a simple and unified look.  The patterns on the pillows is fun and whimsical and adds to the character of this space.  The lines on the pillows are curvy and organic.  The pattern was carried over into the next room with the drapes.  Although you can not see what this other space looks like, I imagine that the fabric is also used somewhere else, like maybe a chair.

Any artwork would have worked with the pattern on the pillows but I love how they used the pattern as inspiration for the art.  The colors in the art are within the color scheme of the Choice Room and the lines are just as organic as the pattern.

Patterns used in a room, actually says a lot about your style. This room is considered to be a Mediterranean style.  Since the home is in California the style fits perfectly.  You can use whatever patterns you want no matter what the style of your home is or where it’s located.

If you use florals, maybe you like the vintage shabby chic look which is often seen in country farmhouses but can be used in a Manhattan loft.

Geometric patterns are usually used in more modern rooms.  What kind of home do you imagine this room to be in?

Maybe you like tribal patterns which are generally used in very eclectic rooms which have been put together over time by collecting items in your travels.  This style is very popular right now but can be hard to pull off.

This style is my favorite.  It has a bohemian world traveler feel but still sophisticated.  I have been trying to make my home a bit more eclectic by mixing patterns and time period furniture with the more traditional pieces that I have.  I’ve never been to most of the places represented by textiles in my home but they are inspiration pieces that remind me of where I want to go.

What kind of patterns do you use in your home and why?