How to: Mix White Dinnerware with Rustic Stoneware

I love my newly purchased white, porcelain dinnerware but I am always drawn to the rustic elements of stoneware.  I inherited some vintage stoneware when my grandmother passed that I hold in a sentimental place in my heart.  I’ll never get rid of them but they’re brown (the one in the first example) and my family says they look retro, “and not in a good way”.  I determined to make them work so I played around with mixing pristine white dinnerware with more rustic dishes.

Here are a few ideas that I came up with.

white and rustic dinnerware

The trick is to mix other porcelain dishes in with the white and rustic stoneware.  My dinnerware looks like the first example.  I don’t have the faux bois dinnerware.  My husband may run away if I buy any more dishes, even if they are from Goodwill.

White porcelain / Brown plate / Faux bois plate /  Rustic gold plate / Hawk plate / Fiesta plate / Peacock plate / Turquoise plate / Mediterranean plate