Life’s Designs: Small Homes

You should know by know that if my post is titled “Life’s Designs” that you’re getting something a bit more personal and a little crazy. I’m posting via my phone. Something I’ve never done before so excuse the mess. I’ve injured my back somehow and can’t leave the couch.
I have had one of those weeks. Emotional and chaotic and now painful. I really wanted to put a “For Sale” sign up and run away to a cabin in the woods to live. Life is soooo busy with teenagers and, of course, big kids come with bigger problems.
I ran into this article that was shared on a blog I follow. I swear I can’t remember which one. It just spoke volumes to me and even made me a bit homesick for NC and my small town. Sorry if the title offends.
Then my husband put on this documentary a few days later which really made me want to run away. It’s about one man’s experience building a tiny house. Awesome!  If you haven’t watched this you totally should.  I love the message it sends.  Society often judges us on how much you have or how big it is.  Really!?

This past Spring I found a home in California.  My husband and I always talk about moving there once the kids are gone.  This home was barely 600 sq. ft.  I really thought about what I would have to have to live there.  After going over the inventory of my home there were about 7 things I couldn’t live without.  It made me realize that all the other stuff doesn’t matter.  The beauty and simplicity of this home made me want to live a simpler life.

Here are  few pictures of the house that I can’t stop thinking about.

bolinas ca1

bolinas ca2

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bolinas ca 4

bolinas ca5

bolinas ca 6

bolinas ca 7

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bolinas ca 13

bolinas ca 16

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bolinas ca 20

bolinas ca

I have fond memories of my hometown because my kids were small and things were simple.  My husband and I bought our first home there, which was an 1100 sq. ft. rancher.  I loved that house.  I remember cursing my small house in NC because it was so small.  We don’t have a huge house now, almost 2000 sq. ft.  We use every inch of it and I’m so grateful to have a home that fits us comfortably.  I always remember living in that small space where there was only one place to watch TV and one bathroom.  Now that was funny!  But those are the times that makes a family close, real close!  There was only one computer in the house and my husband and I didn’t even know what smartphones were.  Now it takes our 11 year old, who doesn’t have a phone, to say, “Why isn’t anyone talking?  Ohhh, you’re on your phones!”  Then you realize that times have certainly changed.  I want to take it back to when things were simpler.